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That sacred space just behind the heart; the all-knowing of your life’s purpose. That magical space that is longing to awaken the heart and mind.

 That time of letting go of all that holds you back; and to receive insight, healing energy, wisdom, and comfort that the soul has in store.
Now is the time to break free from the relentless thoughts, the to do lists, and all the worries. Now is the time to awaken your soul and live a life of peace and joy.

Soul Awakening...
The expansion of consciousness which allows you to experience every day with more awareness, greater wisdom, and understanding from the sacred space within your heart.

your soul's awakening
starts here and now

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

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Client Celebrations

"Joanna is perceptive, kind, strong and encouraging.  She has the rare ability to relate well to people regardless of their ages." - Rändi Fay
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