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Feelings of burnout

Does any of this feel like you?

  • Experiencing physical and mental exhaustion

  • A sense of dread about going to work

  • Feelings of anger, cynicism, or irritability

  • Feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, or depression

  • That sinking feeling that life will never change

The difference between burnout and stress

Burnout is described as extended periods of stress that becomes a dreaded feeling that life will never change.  It can surface for anyone ~ employees, executives, remote workers, job seekers, students, parents, care givers, stay- at-home parents, just to name a few.  Stress, on the other hand, is short-lived and usually a person can imagine feeling better once things settle down. The problem is when stress feels like it will never end.  That's when it may be an indication of burnout.

Transformation through soul coaching

  •  Embrace a more loving, abundant, joyful, and fulfilling life.

  • Experience deeper healing by using the heart as the spiritual bridge to the soul.

  • Discover the essence of living with purpose and joy and then step into alignment with grace and ease.

  • Learn to live with self-care and -compassion.

  • Channel your inner guidance through the powers of mindfulness meditation. 

  • Awakening to your highest purpose in life.

  • Expand with love, peace and joy.  

  • Reclaim your feminine energy and bring breath into your life. 

  • Radiate life by living through the wisdom that resides within you.

Experience Soul Transformation

  • Unlock your inner wisdom and potential.

  • Uncover the core wounds that have guided you to take action or inaction.

  • Release the pain points and free yourself from physical, emotional and mental blockages.

  • Move from negative, fear-based beliefs into embracing what your soul is crying out to radiate.

  • Learn to forgive yourself and others on your healing journey to a life of peace and joy.

  • Reprogram subconscious beliefs, conscious thoughts, and burdensome energies.

  • Establish healthy boundaries that will have you upholding your own needs (without feeling guilty).

  • Create your soul’s plan based on core values, passions, and purpose.

Who is feeling burnout the most?

You guessed it!  Women

Now, more than ever before, women are looking for a safe place/community where they can share their experience in a surrounding of supportive female love and energy.

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, written by contributor Jack Kelly, "Indeed, the giant job aggregator site, conducted a survey of 1,500 U.S. workers to determine the level of burnout exhibited by different groups of people. The subjects were picked from various age groups, experience levels, and industry sectors. The study compared current findings against a prior pre-pandemic study in January 2020.


Burnout is on the rise.

  • Over half (52%) of survey respondents are experiencing burnout in 2021—up from the 43% who said the same in Indeed’s pre-Covid-19 survey.

  • Fifty-three percent of Millennials were already burned out pre-pandemic, and they remain the most affected population, with 59% experiencing it today.

  • However, Gen-Z is now neck and neck, as 58% report burnout—up from 47% who said the same in 2020.

  • The pandemic’s toll is also more apparent among older generations.

  • Baby Boomers show a 7% increase in burnout from pre-pandemic levels (24%) to today (31%).

  • At 54%, more than half of Gen-Xers are currently burned out—a 14% jump from the 40% who felt this way last year.


Among all respondents, 80% believe Covid-19 has impacted workplace burnout—though, how and to what extent vary. A 67% majority say burnout has worsened during the pandemic, though 13% believe it has gotten better."

Read the full article.

"Compassion fatigue and coping with secondary trauma has led to a lifetime burnout rate as high as 75 percent for social workers."  Read more. 

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