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Your heart is craving what your soul already knows

If you’ve wandered too far and found yourself at the edge of a canyon needing to be crossed, it likely feels impossible because it’s too deep and wide.

That’s when awakening begins from that discerning place inside of you...your soul.  You see with a new perspective that life holds so much more. That is your invitation to take the next step as your expansion and aliveness call for more. You know deep down inside that to grow you absolutely must trust the steps to change, as your brain knows it is comfortable, while your soul is unsettled in life as it is.


Transformational Soul Coaching

As a Transformational Soul Coach, one of the most important aspects of working with a client is aligning their intentions with their soul’s purpose. It's so important to understand that the soul has a unique purpose and each of us is here to live it out.


What does it mean to align one's intentions with their soul purpose? It means that daily actions and choices align with the individual's deepest desires and passions.  It's about being true to one's self, following the year and living a life that is authentic and fulfilling.

Aligning intentions with the soul’s purpose is a journey.  It’s about taking small steps every day. Some steps may be easy, while others may feel treacherous and unsteady.  The important thing is to trust; trusting God, the divine, spirit or whatever the belief  is in a high power.  Trusting and staying committed will lead to passions and desires.

Things to know about coaching

  • There will be challenges along the way.  It is important to grant yourself the honesty of your life as you know it,  AND to make sure you are committed  to the work needed to manifest your desires.

  • It’s a process. It can be a LONG process. You have to be willing to stand in the quicksand;  to sit in the uncomfortable; and to listen to your heart.

  • One of the most powerful things in coaching is to learn how to work through your own self-doubt and self-judgment. This means taking a deep look at the beliefs and patterns that hold you back and learning how to shift them.

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What soul coaching is
& what it is not

Let's begin with what a Transformational Soul Coach is not.  A Transformational Soul Coach, is not a therapist. While coaching may touch on emotional or psychological aspects, a coach doesn't diagnose or treat mental health conditions. That's the role of a licensed therapist or psychologist.


A Transformational Soul Coach is also not an advisor. Coaches don't give advice or tell you what to do. Instead, you'll learn to tap into your own inner wisdom that will empower you to make decisions that align with your values and goals.


Then what is a Transformational Soul Coach?

As your teacher/mentor/guide, a transformation soul coach will help you connect with your soul and fulfill your potential. Clients are supported in identifying and releasing limiting beliefs and patterns, assisted in creating a vision for an enriched life, and affirmed as they take the necessary steps to make that vision a reality.


At the core of a transformational soul coach's work is the belief that the client already has the answers they seek. Through soul coaching the inner wisdom is accessed, clarity on values and desires is gained, and tools and strategies for growth and transformation are provided to live a life of purpose and passion.

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